Thursday, 31 March 2016

Caught Being Tidy!

Well done to Elias, Chris, Kahu, Julius and Isla on being the lucky winners this month for our 'Caught Being Tidy' draw. Children earn tickets for tidying up the class. The more tickets they earn the better their chance of winning one of the monthy prizes! 

Thursday, 24 March 2016

A Visit from the Easter Bunnings Bunny!

Today our surprise bunny was revealed!...

It was the Easter Bunnings Bunny!  The children were super excited to see him.  They thought he was very soft and friendly.  He gave them some goodies to keep and a wee treat to eat.

A massive THANK YOU to Bunnings Warehouse for putting a smile on the kids faces and making it a special end to a week that has been full of Easter fun!

The E.B left us a surprise!

Coco-Bella got a big surprise when she opened her book to do her work yesterday and out fell a letter from E.B again!


Tuesday, 22 March 2016


Our 'surprise visitor' came back again today.  We were busy getting on with our morning activities when we noticed more footprints in our courtyard!  Once we followed them we found he had left us a basket of goodies...

"He must have come through the gate," said Patrick

"Look he went over the fence!" shouted Lily.

How did the bunny get over the fence? Some thought he hopped some said he must have climbed.

Here is the note from E.B.

He wanted us to make some baskets for him... I wonder what for?

Some kids decided it would be nice to leave the Easter Bunny a letter back to say thank you.

Monday, 21 March 2016

A Surprise Visitor!

We found footprints leading in to our learning space this morning when we came back from shared prayer.  We were very surprised and wondered who our visitor could have been.  Will the visitor come back?
Easy Blog Photo

The children have been buzzing all day about our 'Surprise Visitor' so much so that they have been busy thinking of ways to get 'it' to come back again.  We had an activity out today for the children to design their own egg...but they had other ideas for it! They have been busy making things so the 'visitor' will pay them another visit.  They made a nest so that just maybe the visitor might leave them some eggs... they can't wait to see what happens tomorrow!

Thursday, 17 March 2016

St Patrick's Day Fun

Today was St Patrick's Feast Day.  It was great to see lots of children coming to school dressed in green!  We had lots of St Patrick themed activities to choose from throughout the day.  We even did St Patrick's Day maths!  We were lucky to watch an Irish dancing demonstration before lunch.
We enjoyed green jelly at lunch time and watched a short video about who St Patrick is (see link below "The History of St Patrick's Day").

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Only One You

For R.E. we have been reading a book called Only One You by Linda Kranz. It talks about being the you that you are and making a difference in this world by how you treat and appreciate it.  We painted our unique rocks and made a movie about the book.  Check it out...