Thursday, 28 April 2016

Welcome to Term 2!

Welcome back to term 2!  We hope you have all had a safe and enjoyable holiday break.  The autumn weather was beautiful.

This term we will be training for our school cross country which is held at Rabbit Island in week 4.  We travel there and back by bus.  It is a great day and lots of parents and family members come to cheer you on while you race.  The senior students are really helpful and buddy up with the younger children to help them run their race.  Because the children in our class are 5 and 6 year olds, we run about 1km.

You will need to bring your PE gear to school everyday so that we can start training by running around our school field.  Mrs Trolle might even bring her running shoes and run with you :)  Your goal is to beat Mrs Trolle!

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Post Gala activities and Mrs Trolle's Pamper!

The children have all still been buzzing about the school gala so we have included a couple of related activities in our learning space this week. One was a stage and mat which the children developed into a very polished performance by the end of the day. Another was the nail painting stall which proved to be very popular, generating lots of role play and very careful painting! Even Mrs Trolle got treated to a manicure pamper for her birthday today!! 
Here are a couple of pics...

The crowd grew and so did the performers with Aston on guitar and Coco singing. 

Stella decided that everyone needed chairs to enjoy the performance while Aston and Kahu played.

The final performance of the day was Sophie as lead singer, Aston on acustic guitar and Kahu on electric guitar. The crowd all cheered at the end!

Mrs Trolle getting her pamper from Stella and Lily.

The end result was very pretty!

Matthias and Elias also enjoying a bit of time-out for a self pamper :) "Darn" said Matthias, "I went off the edge!"