Sunday, 23 October 2016

Operation Christmas Shoe Box Appeal

On Friday for buddy writing the junior syndicate made lists of gift ideas to put in our Christmas shoe boxes.  These shoe boxes are being sent from schools in New Zealand to 9 different countries around the world for children living in poverty.

The students worked together to come up with small, inexpensive gift ideas that would bring joy to a child in another country.  They were very motivated by the writing topic after they watched the link below of some children in Africa opening their shoe boxes!

The students need to bring their items to school this week as they are being sent away on Wednesday.

Children in Africa opening Christmas Shoe Boxes

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Our Rosary Beads

This week we began learning about The Rosary and how to say The Hail Mary Prayer.  We made our own rosary bead bracelets and used 10 beads to signify the 10 Hail Mary prayers.  We took them home on Friday to share with our families.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Our New Picnic Tables

A big thank you to Kevin (Ms Dodd's husband) and the boys at NMIT for making our new picnic tables for our learning space.  They are being put to good use each day in the sunshine at playtime and lunchtimes.  Also thank you to Rodger and Kylie Stuart for the money to purchase these tables. They took out a home loan with ASB and our learning space received a donation :)